While On The Train

I make no promises.

I saw this while on the train from London to Glasgow. The customs agent questioned why I would take the train, I wasn’t really in the mood to explain my madness. It also helps that I had booked the fast train and the trip took less time than my train ride last December from Toronto to Ottawa. So there’s that. 

I’ve been in Glasgow since last Saturday now, mostly up to shenanigans. But will try to update more. It’s just slightly annoying since I only have my phone with me, and this requires actual typing effort on my part.

I’m So Tired

I crashed at a friends the other night, but couldn’t sleep because of a combination of pain and Quebec sounds, so woke up at 5am and proceeded to look at baby animal gifs to pass the time (go ahead, try and tell me this isn’t the greatest site ever). My first friend to wake up in the morning had the audacity to try and make light conversation with me. Who does he think he is? Anyways, I’m pretty certain he gave up after this exchange:

Alex: So what’s your first stop on your trip?

Me: Alcohol.

Alex: ….

Me: Wait, what was the question? What am I doing or where I’m going?

Alex: Where you’re going?

Me: Then Scotland, that’s where I’m going first. For alcohol. And camping.

I realized that  I will be missing May 2-4 here in Canada (Victoria Day), and this makes me sad, it’s one of my favourite Canadian holidays, since it normally involves beer, a cottage or campsite and lots of water fun. And by water fun I mean dragging docks into freezing cold water to set up the cottage for the summer. But that’s okay, I’ll have loads of fun on my trip and then when I come back the water will be slightly warmer for a cottage or camping weekend.

Here’s some pictures from a cottage trip from…many years ago near Perth, Ontario. Don’t be fooled by the outhouse, that’s the most fantastic bathroom ever.

Have an excellent weekend! I will…drop by during my trip (hopefully)!

Desperately Seeking Painkillers that Work

Monday was pretty awful, I had grand plans to clean, pack and go to the store to get a few things for my upcoming trip. But most of that didn’t happen. I did manage to walk to the store, but I was on a mission, a new mission. To buy various types of pain killers in hopes that one (!) will work. Of course none of them did, what was I thinking? They hadn’t ever worked in the past, but I’m always terribly optimistic in my times of need.

This is kind of personal, but what’s a blogger without being personal? My periods have basically been the worst always. I was the girl who had to call in sick because she couldn’t stand, the one who was too nauseous for gym class and who would stay in bed with a heat pad on my back and stomach despite it being disgustingly hot outside. The only thing that sort of helped to reduce the pain was to stay on Alesse, but even then the pain was just above bearable. Pain killers never helped, and I mostly just developed a terrible relationship with them.

I was that girl until about 6 months into my year abroad in Korea when my body decided to be all wonky, not only did I get adult onset acne, but my period went MIA for about six months, then when it finally came back it was a shell of it’s former self. I can deal with that, no more crippling pain for days (!) before my period actually started, just some slight discomfort. I almost had no use for my heat pad anymore, which had been one of my best friends up until then.

But there I was Monday morning, lying in my bed with my heat pad on my stomach, feeling useless. I wanted to begin packing for my trip, but every time I stood up I felt like falling over. I’m not entirely sure how, but I eventually managed to walk to the store to look at pain killers. I knew they’d be useless, but a part of me is still overly optimistic.

My quest ended in the acquisition of these useless fools. (For the record, the one on the left is supposed be a no-name version of Midol, the right is Aleve).

They of course, did nothing and I made my way back to my loyal heat pad, who’s never failed at their job. So I don’t really know why I tried, the walk itself didn’t help and the pain killers are now just wasted promises. Sitting on my dresser, taking up space and spiting me with their claims. I want to say I’ll learn from this, but I know I won’t, considering I haven’t at all in over ten years. Somewhere, out there is a pain killer that will work for me. Somewhere. I hope.

Mutiny Uterus

I’m just rambling now, so I’m going to go back to my bed, and my trusty heat pad. I most definitely hope your week is going better than mine!

Throw Back Thursday: Live Fat, Die Young

When I was in high school I was all into the punk rock, going to punk shows, wearing band shirts and black eyeliner. I dabbled in piercings, but they weren’t for me, something about being allergic to surgical steel. I had so many cds, many compilations from the various independent record labels. But most of them were terrible. Except for the Fat Wreck Chord comps, the albums were very well produced, the songs were well done and they all flowed well together to make it an album worth listening to.

Fat Wreck
Released in 2002, it was the 6th compilation album by Fat Wreck Chords.

And there it was yesterday, in all it’s glory, tucked away in my friends’ CD wallet that he still uses in his car. I must have given this to him years ago during the “Great Downsizing of CDs I acquired in High School and Will Probably Never Listen to Hard Copy Again” (I do have them all ripped on an external hard drive).

We put it on, then cruised about. So many memories came flooding back, it was like a wave as each song started.

How To Start a Cycling Exercise Program For Procrastinators

This a little off the beaten path, but in line with Saturday’s challenge from Zero to Hero to try a new posting style and in line with own life and one of my current “goals”. 

I used to bike a lot, I used it as my primary means of transportation but then I moved back to the suburbs. Oh my, is everything far away or what. I think I tried biking to work once and noped out of that. What was one a 20 min. bike ride turned into an hour long trek. While I’m sure some people out there are able to do that, I wasn’t interested, especially since my job was a little more physically demanding than an office job.

While in Korea I had a bike, but after a few terrible accidents and biking into a coach bus, because hey, the pedestrian crosswalk seemed like the perfect place for this guy to stop, I slowly stopped using it. Other expats loved their bikes, but I ended up finding it more cumbersome than not. Everything was already pretty close by foot, and if not the buses ran regularly. And forget about locking your bike near the subway station, took me at least thirty minutes to figure out which one was mine. So many bikes.

But, I’ve dug out my bike this past spring with every intention of using it for “exercise” and to be less “lazy”. But it’s not going as smoothly as intended. Why? Because I am an excellent procrastinator, what can be done today can be put off for tomorrow, and so I’m stuck in a continuous cycle of never actually doing it. So what to do? Here’s a handy list, because everyone loves lists, right?

1) Get a nice bike. Not like one that people will want to steal, but something not terrible. One that has both working brakes and maybe a speed dial that still has numbers on it so you at least have a vague idea of what you’re doing. That’d be nice.

2) Make a Plan of Action. How long will you bike for? How far? These two can be encompassed in one. I don’t care for having my phone with me while I bike so my route has to equal out to 30 minutes long. I overshot the first day and ended up with 45 minutes. Not too bad though. But having an end goal in mind that is easy to visualize helps with committing to the ride.

3) Safety First. Being extremely accident prone, I should mention this. With my track record and ridiculous fear of hills, I apparently need the whole shebang, helmets, kneedpads and probably wristguards. But generally a helmet should suffice.

4) Reward Yourself Afterwards. Go on, lie in your bed for thirty minutes afterwards cursing out loud while your muscles start to cramp, you’ve earned it. Or read or play Zelda on your 3DS like normal people. Maybe drink some tea.

5) What weather? I also have an irrational fear of biking in the rain, probably related to an accident. In which case, I won’t be biking in the rain. The wind is another beast, while not impossible to bike through, you’ll need to shorten your intended path because it will kill your thighs. After an insanely windy ride last week my thighs hated on me bad.

Last but not least…

6) Just go out and quit makin’ excuses! Once the thirty minutes are up it won’t have felt like a chore, or all that hard really. It’s just getting out there, pushing one peddle in front of the other. I find going through the motions like a robot until you’re out there works really well. So far I’ve done it first thing in the morning after I’ve woken up.

Now to follow through and do this 4/7 days. Wish me luck! My track record so far has been less than stellar as I’ve only gone twice in the past week…