Empty Streets in the Early Morning

It was always quite surreal how empty and lifeless the streets of Seoul’s Party Districts felt the morning after. Only a few short hours ago, while it was still considered night, still dark out, the streets would be busy with young people enjoying a Saturday night out, for university students, one of the few nights out to be young and free. On this particular morning, my friends and I found ourselves in a DVD Bang, waking up to the Titanic sinking. How we got there was quite the tale.

The night started out innocent enough, my friends and I met up with a group of girls to celebrate a bachelorette party. We got things started with a lovely dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Hongdae. After that was anything but innocent as we partied the night away with bar and club hopping. I was separated from three of my close friends at one point around 3am, myself and two of those girls ended up reuniting around 4am but desperately needed a place to crash until first bus home. This is how we ended up at the DVD Bang, it wasn’t as nice as the others ones we had been too. Unlike the others, it didn’t have a proper bed/couch, it was just mats on the floor. But nonetheless, we picked an extremely long movie to get us to 8am and passed out*.

I ended up taking these pictures as we walked back to the subway station. The streets are quiet and no longer busy at this time. You’re able to actually see what’s around you instead of a blur of people. Most of the time I found places like this very overwhelming, and so I really enjoyed being able to walk through without the bustle of busy busy people.
HongdaeMorning1 HongdaeMorning2 HongdaeMorning3

I took this for the “Just Burger” store, but now I’m more curious about what’s next door.

*If you thought I’d give you a more in depth retelling of my tale, you’ve been mistaken, such things are to be kept to oneself ; )

A Mid-Spring Winter

Just to mess with us, it looked like spring had finally come after a very long and cold winter. We even got t-shirt weather on the weekend. But that was just a ruse for what happened Tuesday, at first it looked like it would just be an April rain storm, but it was cold outside, so very cold. I mentally kicked myself for not having my parka with me while I made my way to work. And then the worst news, about an hour into my shift word spread that it was snowing. When I had the chance, I ran to the window… There it was, in all it’s glory, an April snowstorm. SpringSnow1 SpringSnow2 SpringSnow3I miss spring, I hope it comes back soon.

What Am I Doing?

I’ve been contemplating this a lot in the past few months (*cough*seven*cough*), since I came home and was no longer living abroad. I initially started as an expat blog, detailing the things I did while living abroad, and while I still find photos and reminisce about my time abroad, that’s no longer who I am, and I’ve been feeling sort of at a loss. Where do I go from here, essentially?


I’d love to live abroad again, but it’s just not in the cards right now. I’m going back to college, try to make a go of a career again. While I enjoyed teaching ESL, for me it wasn’t a long term pursuit, I didn’t envision myself carving out a career doing that, and so I felt that, when I came home, had the time and money, figure out what I could do. Hopefully something that would allow me to travel more…


Which brings me to the other aspect, travel? I still have travel plans afoot, but not as extensive. Travelling about Korea was dirt cheap compared to Canada. My lift tickets at the local ski hill were about half what I’d pay for the entirety of a weekend away at a full mountain resort in Korea. Yeah, almost crazy when I put it that way. As far as travelling goes, I’d like to be responsible and be able to pay upfront for everything and not worry about money. I do have an awesome trip to Europe coming up soon, which I am so excited to write about and share.

Person with Hobbies?

This may actually be the weirdest aspect about me right now, something I’d like to share but have been hesitant. But well, here goes. I haven’t really had an all encompassing hobby since…well probably since I was a kid. I guess I went to punk/ska shows in my teen years and early twenties, but I really don’t have much to show for it. No real abilities, skills, nothing but experiences. I don’t regret them, but it makes me feel… odd sometimes. And so I’ve basically been dabbling in a bunch of different things that have caught my fancy in the past little while. I’ve started knitting again and taught myself to crochet. I have also done some sewing, although mostly reconstruction based sewing. Nothing fancy from a pattern or my own design.

Dabbled in making my own homemade hot sauce…

I also worked on my cooking and general kitchen skills, since those are pretty much lacking in my abilities. I was very proud of my homemade hot sauce, it was painful to make though. My eyes burned so bad while crushing the chili’s. But once you get past that it’s smooth sailing. I most definitely want to try it again, but need to…get over that hurdle and prepare myself emotionally for it. Or get eye goggles, that may help.

I even painted this tea box.

Wannabe Home Organizer?

I almost forgot this one, I’ve also spent a large amount of my time organizing and re-organizing my life, trying to create a space that’s easy to navigate, yet hold all my things. Why do I have so many tights? Through this I’ve learned a lot, and most importantly about letting go. I found I had been holding onto so many things just because I was afraid of no longer “having them”.

But I digress, somewhere with all my bumbling about I’ll find something. Maybe a combo platter of travelling adventures and trying out some new hobby pants on. Or just start from scratch again.

(This is part of the Zero to Hero Challenge)